Basic banking at work

Enabling financial wellness for all employees in 5 minutes


Simple services

Your employees sometimes need financial help. We've partnered with banks to help you help them. It's simple - 1) Register, 2) Create Accounts, 3) Lend or help them save!

Measure goodwill

Our tools help measure real employee outcomes. Measure your savings & lending benefits against increased productivity, employee turnover & overall happiness at work.

Engaged Tech

Real benefits are fair, professional & transparent. Creditable helps you with just that. Your employees feel empowered & know exactly what's expected of them


We thought hard about mobility and built our business model from the ground up to include mobile devices. Financial wellness shouldn't just be confined to the office!

Employee Personal Financial Wellness

All your employees can apply for loans against their wage or request a deduction in their wages as a savings plan anywhere, anytime and on any smartphone. Our core service is available in the following countries - South Africa, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, India, Indonesia, Mexico & Brazil.

With a Creditable account, employees can see what is in their personal bank account in real time. They can quickly view their balance and statements. The idea is that they only spend the amount they can see in their bank account. This way, they avoid going over budget - in spite of temptation!

When your company signs up to Creditable, your employees can immediately see their last 3 months worth of transactions. Transactions going forward are stored forever, they never lose information. We also categorize your spending habits. As a result, employees have a better understanding of how they spend their money.

Financial education is not many people's idea of fun. We'll celebrate your employee's financial achievements with entertaining videos every time they achieve a milestone or mismanage their money. We will include tips from industry experts, giving your employees the confidence to take control of their finances.

Real Company Benefits


You can always export your loan data, you can also use that exported data with your current accounting, payroll, ERP and bank batch payment systems.


We have designed our software to save time and improve compliance. The dashboard makes it easy to review, analyse and comfortably manage an audit


Incorporated along with good HR systems, managers can compare job performance with compensation history of employees. They can use Creditable to incorporate financial predictability to the benefits scheme while actually improving employee satisfaction. Our simple product revolutionises the way employers finance and help administer employee benefits.

Our Pricing



+ $1.50 per employee
75 accounts
Financial Wellness dashboard
Employee PFM reports
Free HRM & Payroll Support



+ $1.50 per employee
150 accounts
Financial Wellness dashboard
Employee PFM reports
Free HRM & Payroll Support



+ $1.50 per employee
500 accounts
Financial Wellness dashboard
Employee PFM reports
Free HRM & Payroll Support

Private Label

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+ $1.50 per employee
Unlimited accounts
Financial Wellness dashboard
Employee PFM reports
Free HRM & Payroll Support

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