Frequently Asked Questions

Bellow are some of the common questions asked

Are there any legal considerations?

We partner with locally registered banks and other financial institutions to bring tailored financial services to employees. All products are compliant above board in this regard.

How do you help retain & recruit?

If you show employees you care about their wellbeing you’ll notice when word spreads to friends and family. Workplace wellbeing is big deal when trying to retain your most talented capital.

Are all workers eligible?

We've made it our mission to co-create products that are tailored to individual employees. All employees that have a permanent job can apply for a financial product.

How much payroll admin is there?

Very little payroll admin is involved. Creditable has tried to fit into all payroll and HR admin processes so that these services and products become commonplace in the workplace

How much can a worker borrow/save?

It is up to the employee how much they save or borrow with Creditable. Creditable uses Artificial Intelligence to help guide the employee and employer of the least stressful and most sustainable path.

Are the repayments and contributions flexible?

Yes all repayments and contributions are flexible but most importantly we've tailored each individual loan and savings product to an individual and we use advanced "artificial intelliegence" to predict future financial stress.

What happens if your people leave work?

We will move the repayments and contributions to "direct debit" or equivalent, or we will endeavour to settle the accounts, whichever is preferred and communicated on application.

Why does financial wellbeing matter?

Worrying about money causes sleepless nights and leads to increased fatigue and reduced alertness. Financial distress is a root cause of more than half of the days off each year. Financial wellness schemes are more than just a benefit to companies.