Simple Financial Products for Workers

Enabling financial wellness & inclusion for workers,
in an innovative, fair, affordable and dignified way.

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Benefits for your company

Enabling financial wellness on payroll

Creditable seamlessly fits into existing payroll processes for making salary deductions. Easily manage a transparent wage advance or loan scheme for all your employees. Encourage your employees to manage their finances better and save smarter with easy to use apps.

Benefits for your employee

Financial stability in 5 minutes

Creditable has made it easy to apply for affordable loans against wages. Your people can also easily create payroll aided savings goals to help them budget, improving overall saving and spending habits. Our technology uses the latest data science and machine learning techniques to help your workers on the path to financial prosperity.


How is Creditable adding value?

Our unique proposition gives you an eyeview of what's important and stressfull to your employee.


It's Simple

Your employees sometimes need financial help. We've partnered with banks to help you help them. It's simple - 1) Register, 2) Send them the application 3) Get them tip top with money.


Measure Stability

Our tools help measure real employee outcomes. Measure your employees savings & loan accessibilty against increased productivity, employee turnover & overall happiness at work.


Be Compliant

Creditable is designed to save you time whilst also meeting your compliance and risk burdens. The dashboard makes it easy to review, analyse and comfortably manage an audit

Simple Pricing

No Hidden Fees!

  • -75 Employees
  • Free HRM & Payroll Support
per month per account
Medium Business
  • -150 Employees
  • Free HRM & Payroll Support
per month per account
  • +300 Employee
  • Free HRM & Payroll Support
per month per account
Creditable helps our company ensure a great working environment. We are never out of touch with the needs of our people.